About Us

Deezoe is an Indian e-commerce portal founded by Devika Mehra. The term Deezoe is divided into two parts DE which stand for THE and ZOE which is the Greek word for life. Here at Deezoe, we have decided to sell all those things that will improve the quality of lives in India.

At Deezoe, we celebrate India by trying to get all that our Indian women love at one platform. DEEZOE offers a large platform for products made from traditional and modern techniques and hand-based techniques keeping Indian tradition as well as contemporary handcrafts in mind, our products are craft-based and affordable. We believe in quality and an evergreen relationship with our customers. As soon as a customer sets foot on our website they are spellbound with our elegant collection of tasteful items and delicate fragrance. All our products are handcrafted and we make sure our customers feel that they are getting great value for their money. As Devika says, my journey has just begun, my journey is all about giving joy to my customers and shaping our Indian culture.